Hope this note finds you and yours well. I just felt like dropping you a note about my 21-year experience with your and NYB. As I look back on my wonderful years of boating, I have to recognize you as being a big part of it.

A. In 2000 you Helped me find the absolute right boat to start this process of cruising boating, the 45 ft Californian.

B. Found the right surveyor to insure that we located a good boat.

C. Found the right trucker (Jim’s Marine) to disassemble it, truck the boat (2 trucks) to a navigable waterway at Green Turtle Bay Marina, reassemble it, and launch it without a hitch.  (Hundreds of wires and cables to disconnect and reconnect on the Californian 45 ft ACMY) Amazing!

D. Traveled with me on the boat for several days of the trip up the Tennessee River to get it home to Chattanooga.

E. Taught me how to handle my first large boat.

F. Got my non-boater crew trained sufficiently to cruise the rivers and locks. (Not an easy task)

G. Then 12 years later when I was looking to downsize you found the perfect second boat.

H. Traveled to Connecticut to meet with the seller’s broker and me to test-drive the 07 Back Cove 33 I still own and enjoy today…a wonderful little boat.

Thank you for the professional service and the friendship so helpful to my boating experience.  Look forward to more.

Chuck Smith